Cyrill Gössi
Cyrill Gössi

Hi there!

I'm a computer scientist working in cyber security. I hold a master's degree from ETH Zürich and an advanced studies certificate in cyber security from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences.

Within cyber security, I have experience across a range of topics like applied cryptography, machine learning, formal protocol analysis, public-key infrastructures, secure boot processes, reverse engineering and web application penetration testing. Besides cyber security, I have experience working as a quantitative developer across all financial asset classes. Moreover, I'm the founder and CTO of HiPho - an online marketplace for hiring photographers in Switzerland.

This aside, I'm generally always curious about new projects. So if you have ideas for small research projects (applied cryptography, formal methods for information security, machine learning for cyber security, policy and game theory based sharing of cyber threat intelligence), require a programming job to be done or are looking for consultancy around topics like algorithms, information and cyber security or business digitalization, then still please feel free to send me an

Last updated: 9. August 2020

Selected Projects

Identifying Attackers
Formal Semantics for Viper